Winewerx is a full service brand development company. We understand the alcohol beverage business, inside and out. That’s because we have created and marketed many successful brands, and even owned and managed a winery.

Who We Are

  • Corks

    Alcohol Beverage Experts

    Our team members have many years of experience creating, developing and managing wine, beer and distilled spirits brands. We are experts in our field.

  • Branding

    Branding Agency

    We are a team of CPG branding experts and talented designers. Most importantly, we're business people who know how to create and market brands that sell.

  • Costco Wine

    Sales Brokerage

    We have significant on- and off-premise sales expertise. We can help you manage your distributor network and increase distribution and sales.

What We Do

  • Winemaking & Winery Operations

    • Analytics
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Enology & Viticulture
    • Harvest Planning
    • Winery Start-Up
    • Process Design & Development
    • Sanitation
    • Compliance & Licensing
    • Bookkeeping & Reporting
    • Human Resources
    • Retail Sales Optimization
    • Staff Training

  • Branding & Packaging

    • Brand Strategy
    • Brand Positioning
    • Product Line Optimization
    • Segmentation Strategies
    • Line Extensions
    • Logo/Identity Design
    • Label Design
    • Label Compliance
    • Label Submissions
    • Packaging Sourcing
    • Label Print Coordination
    • Press Checks

  • DTC, Marketing & Communications

    • Retail Sales Optimization
    • Wine Club Sales Optimization
    • CRM Analysis and Training
    • WineDirect Project Management
    • Market/Consumer Research
    • Advertising
    • Public/Media Relations
    • Marketing Materials
    • Social Media
    • Consumer Tasting Events
    • Email Campaign Management
    • Website Design & Creation

  • Brokerage, Distribution & Sales

    • Distributor Selection
    • Distributor Management
    • Distributor Sales Meetings
    • Sales Rep Training
    • Pricing Recommendations
    • Trade Promotions
    • Sales Incentives
    • Sales Rep Work-Withs
    • Chain/Key Account Sales
    • Retail Tastings
    • Waitstaff Training
    • Demo Services

Meet Our Team

John Recca

John Recca

Brand Development, Sales and Marketing

John significant branding, marketing and sales expertise. He has created, introduced and marketed dozens of brands for wine, beer and distilled spirits firms. His wine experience is extensive and includes management positions with the E. & J. Gallo Winery.

Tin Sheets Consulting

Tin Sheets Consulting

Vineyard, Winery and CRM Operations

With 50+ years of combined experience, Tin Sheets has expertise in every aspect of viticulture, winemaking and customer development. We can help you improve your operations, streamline your wine club and cultivate and captivate lifelong customer relationships.

Lisa Padgett

Lisa Padgett

Graphic Design

Lisa is an exceptional designer with a broad range of skills. She excels at label and package design, print and collateral materials. Our clients love working with her because she is quick, highly responsive and has an extraordinary attention to detail.

Jeff Petersen

Jeff Petersen

Graphic Design

Jeff has the imagination to nurture strategic design solutions from discovery to final art. His particular talent is branding and identity. He has a solid understanding of the business side of our industry, which means our clients always get practical solutions.

Sarah Jacobs

Sarah Jacobs

Website Design

Sarah is a highly skilled website developer. She has created over 600 websites and specializes in creating custom WordPress themes. Her SEO expertise provides a tremendous benefit to our clients’ marketing efforts. She’s also a home brewer and is passionate about craft alcohol beverages.

Annette Slade

Annette Slade


With over 18 years experience as a commercial and editorial photographer, Annette has a true passion and eye for creating emotionally charged images to capture the quality and appetite appeal of our clients’ products. She is known for her warm and inviting images and the comforting and affective quality she incorporates into her photos.

David Schachter

David Schachter

Intellectual Property

As an intellectual property attorney, David provides valuable services to our start up and established clients, especially those who need help in securing and protecting trade and brand names. His areas of expertise include all intellectual property (e.g., trademarks, patents, and copyrights) and general commercial matters.


Barb Gasper

Strategy and Research

Barb is a valuable member of our team and helps our clients with visioning, strategic planning, brand development and all aspects of consumer and market research. She has a wealth of alcohol beverage experience in the beer and wine industries, including project work with the Colorado Wine Industry Development Board.

Our Experience

We have spent our careers developing many successful wine and alcohol beverage brands.

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