St. Kathryn Cellars

Authentic Fruit Wines

About This Project

St. Kathryn Cellars had an old and dated package with no appetite appeal and low perceived value. It was obvious to us that the brand needed a complete “refresh”. Our solution was not simply to add fruit to the label. The brand needed much more than that: it needed a unique and sustainable positioning, i.e., a brand promise that would exude refreshment and premium-ness. The fruit that’s fermented into this wine is authentic. It’s real, and mostly fresh picked from nearby orchards. It’s orchard fresh. Elevating the brand’s perceived value was a top priority, so we decided upon original and proprietary fine art. But this art should not be perfect or precise, but instead, natural to evoke the just-picked flavor of the land. Read the full story from our Blog, “A Saintly Brand Refresh“.

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